Time, Tide and Moon clocks

Timber Tide Clocks ($164 - $81)
lunar clock- Click to see more

Unique in the world, the Shapel tide-time-moon clock shows both the current tide
and the current phase of the moon, as well as the time. Available on timber or navy blue base

"Classic" Tide Clock
lunar clock- Click to see more
time + Tide clock- Click to see more

Tide clock - Click to see more

Tide clock - Click to see more

AUD$164 + freight
AUD$94 + freight
$87  AUD$84 + freight
AUD$81 + freight

Our lunar tide clock and tide predictor is a beautiful homeware accessory or nautical gift
The perfect gift for your mariner, fisherman or surfer, A superb prize for your boating or fishing club raffle.
A great retirement gift. To order just click on the clock you want. (also available in navy blue)

Wall unit

Chrome tide clock barometer wall unit
chrome tide+time+barometer $440
Quality German made wall unit

Brass tide time clock
Brass Time-tide clock


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