Barometer Large Gold Face

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Click clock to enlarge Shows the weather prediction based on barometric pressure changes
Matching base to go with the wood Moon-Time-Tide clock
26cm diameter
no battery required

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Quality French movement, 160mm glass face, metal look surround, on an imported pine rim

This aneroid barometer uses the world renowned French BAROSTAR mechanism. It has a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

The barometer works by recording changes in air pressure. After following the set-up procedure (to adjust to your local air pressure conditions) Rotate the marker arm over the current reading- that is the gold "hand" you can change by turning the knob at the centre of the barometer face… After a few hours take another look- has the pressure changed? The change with time is called pressure tendency. The more rapid the change the more extreme the weather. To read more about using your aneroid barometer and predicting the weather please visit these websites

How to Use the Aneroid Barometer - Bureau of Meterology

Applying the Barometer to Weather Watching - The Weather Doctor


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